RÉESPIRATION is an ongoing art-health project, led by Samuel Bianchini and Thomas Similowski, where I act as computational and sound artist.

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RÉESPIRATION consists in creating and experimenting with a soft robotic object that inflates and deflates its body with air, as if it was breathing. The object produces its own breathing signals through a deep learning tool called GANspire. Current work includes collaborating with pulmonologists to design music interactions with the breathing object that would appease patients with chronic respiratory diseases.

The project is being developed with Samuel Bianchini, Thomas Similowski, Baptiste Caramiaux, Joffrey Becker, Kanty Rabenorosoa, Philippe Gauthier, and Corentin Loubet, in collaboration with the Reflective Interaction group of EnsadLab, the R3S department of AP-HP, the FEMTO-ST institute of ENSMM, and the HCI Sorbonne group of ISIR, in the context of a postdoctoral fellowship program at Faculty of Medicine, Sorbonne Université (IUIS), and two fundings from Fondation de France and Fondation du Souffle.
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