Resounding the Deepscape

Resounding the Deepscape is an original symposium format on the scape of AI, consisting of a 24-hour radiophonic transmission.

Imagined as an original format for a symposium, this 24-hour radiophonic transmission invites us to listen to artists-researchers in music, ecoacoustics, sound art, performance, virtual worlds and photography, singularly wandering through/out the deepscape—this audio-visual, socio-material scape generated by deep learning.

Following a diffractive approach, a plurality of sound materials and discourses from research-creations with/in generative deep learning is “given to hear”, as a wave trying to resound—just as to reason after reflection—different materialisations of the deepscape in its planetary space-time.

Pulsed by spontaneous sounds of graphic processors and deep listening experiences of Deepscape: Transversal, the transmission concluded with an online discussion with all invited speakers, as well as with an hybrid, deep listening exhibition of Deepscape: Longitudinal.

The project was imagined, organised and realised from the interventions of Adèle de Baudouin (MNHN), Axel Chemla-Romeu-Santos (Ircam-STMS), Judith Deschamps (EUR ArTeC), Ludmila Postel (ESAAIX), Lauren Tortil (EUR CAPS) and Lucile Vareilles (Plateau Urbain), with the moderation of Sarah Fdili Alaoui (LISN Paris-Saclay), and with the support of Radio BAL (Beaux-Arts de Paris), *Duuu Radio, and the Césure third place (Plateau Urbain), on an initiative of Emanuele Quinz, in the context of a post-doctoral fellowship at EUR ArTeC (Université Paris 8 / EnsadLab), in collaboration with the ACIDS group of IRCAM, and the Locus Sonus Vitæ group of ESAAIX.
Broadcast on *Duuu Radio & Radio BAL (Dec.14.2022)
Symposium at Césure, Paris (Dec.14.2022)

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