Deepscape: Longitudinal

Hugo Scurto, 2022—
installation, generative AI, ambisonics, video

Twice a week since September 2022, I have been going to the Calanques of Marseille, at different times of the day, to observe Cape Morgiou undulate, and listen to the planet spin. In the middle of each walk, I collect the sound and light waves in presence, via an ambisonic microphone and a camera, as well as my entanglement with the landscape, via an autoethnographic diary. Once the planet ends its revolution, I will create an AI dispositif capable of re/generating the sound and light flows of the cove, by deep learning from the archive collected over the year. In this way, I aim to redirect the attention we pay to the deepscape, this audio-visual, global scape generated by AI, towards the geological, celestial and spiritual depths of the planet.

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The project is being developed with Lucile Vareilles and Axel Chemla–Romeu-Santos, in the context of a research-creation residency within the Locus Sonus Vitæ group of ESAAIX, following a postdoctoral fellowship program supervised by Emanuele Quinz at EUR ArTeC (Université Paris 8), in collaboration with the Reflective Interaction group of EnsadLab and the ACIDS group of IRCAM.
Exhibition @ Césure, Paris, Fr (Dec.14.2022)