post-scriptum on music research through dispositif design

This post-scriptum relates my personal reflections on the transdiscipinary research led during my PhD thesis.

It builds on real-world musical situations of practice with machine learning to reflect on the research led in the thesis. It discusses the balances made between intersecting perspectives from Music and Computer Science. It presents three art and design projects (Paroles d’Exil, Sound Control, & (lutheries)²), led in parallel of the thesis, that challenge the norms of these disciplines. It finally delineates a music research through design framework, which leverage the theoretical notion of interactive music dispositif to foster novel music practices that are grounded in their cultural environment.

The post-scriptum format allowed me to discuss ideas in a less formal setting, using references and a first-person narrative to support my personal statement rather than a general analysis. Rather than discrediting possible research approaches, my wish was to make my perception of the field audible as doctoral student, with the hope to discuss a common ground for transdisciplinary music research to be done in a near future. I hope to hear back from other computer music researchers, practitioners, and students about it.


The project was developed with Frédéric Bevilacqua in collaboration with the ISMM group of IRCAM, in the context of the Sorbonne Université Doctorate in Computer Science.

PhD thesis (2020)


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