paroles d’exil

Paroles d’Exil is a sound installation co-created with Mélanie Egger for GMEM / Friche la Belle de Mai.

Paroles d’Exil results from a research and creation project in Computer Music led by Mélanie Egger, which notably explored machine learning for dispositif design. The sound installation consists in an immersive route presenting the public with three dispositifs:

Histoire. A poem, composed of archival material, is reinterpreted by dialoguing contemporary identities, virtually located in three loudspeakers. Visitors are invited to hear the fantasized, invented part of prior periods, as perceived in the light of the present.

Mémoire.machine learning algorithm generates new sequences of syllables from a corpus of archival voices, which are fragmented in location through several loudspeakers. Remembrance is imposed on us as a split, selective, hardly decipherable entity, in a constantly-evolving present.

Oubli. A soundscape, created from archival voice grains located in space, is recountable by the public as they move inside the room. Here, sounds do not carry semantic nor syntaxic information. Rather, they express the corporeality of people from the past, as a primal scream that echoes our collective memory.


The project was developed during a residency at GMEM-CNCM / La Friche Belle de Mai in collaboration with the ISMM group of IRCAM, in the context of the Aix-Marseille Université Research & Creation Master program in Music.

Exhibition @ GMEM / La Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille, Fr (Nov 2017)

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