espacelatentmatérialisant is an ongoing computational audiovisual artwork, co-created with Lucile Vareilles.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

A sound landscape is displayed through four loudspeakers and one projection screen. The perpetual flow of sound and image pushes us to travel, for a moment, to the place shown. The tiny variations of timbre and color evoke the traces of a life, absent from the landscape, but still present in our memory. However, this landscape has never really existed. It is generated automatically, with machine learning, based on a memory of audio and visual data. The illusion of real time is induced by the latent space of the machine, which superimposes itself over our own sensitive and perceptual spaces. It refers us to another illusion, that of our technoscientific landscape, which, by disentangling images and sounds from their environments, disentangles us humans at the same moment.


The project is being developed in collaboration with the collective.

In preparation