ciel = terre (ongoing)

ciel = terre is a generative/interactive artwork in two acts for virtual reality headset.

In the first act, the spectator is virtually put in a cubic environment inside which s/he can freely move. The six faces of the cube display fixed audiovisual clips, composed of digitally-altered ecosystemic sounds and pictures. This tension, between the real and the virtual, operates beyond the picture to the spectator’s body, who can decide on the virtual distance between her/him and the walls, but must take real physical postures to contemplate the clips.

In the second act, the spectator is immersed in an infinite environment, fully re/generated by a machine learning model each time it is visited. Audiovisual content now evolves under abstract three-dimensional forms, and is endowed with an encrypted interactive behaviour. The « fourth wall » of the apparatus breaks, and with it, the limits between the real and the virtual, matter and computation, diachrony and synchrony, reason and belief.


The project is being developed in a residency at Le Cube in collaboration with the wolfgang collective.

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