Exhibition @ Château de l’Étang, Bagnolet, Fr (June-August 2018)

(lutheries)² is an educational exhibition conceived in 2018 with Lutherie Urbaine. It was intended to introduce people of all ages to the relationships between science and music through interaction with unusually-crafted acoustic, electronic, and digital musical instruments. Illustrated, easy-to-follow panels were displayed along the interactive journey to elaborate on the joint technical and cultural dimensions of the musical instruments.

The visit tour consisted in seven areas. A first area (History) introduced the links between technique, science, and technology by recounting the evolution of lutheries. The following areas recounted this historical course through the discussion of several notions linking science with music (Harmony, Acoustics, Timbre, Electronics, and Digital Technology, including several software from the ISMM group of IRCAM). The tour finally came out on an area dedicated to play (Rhythm). An educational kit accompanied the exhibition, describing collaborative musical activities aiming at helping appropriation of all notions.




behavioral matter

Workshop @ Centre Pompidou, Paris, Fr (March 2019)

‘Behavioral Matter’ is a multi-disciplinary, international, and public research-creation workshop created by the Reflective Interaction group of EnsadLab, in partnership with the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. It intends to question and test the notion of behavior in relation to matter and materials, objects and techniques, as well as to living or semi-living systems. My main contribution consisted in collaborating with researchers and students in sciences, humanities, art and design, to explore how interactive machine learning could be applied to the development of behavioral objects.



Last workshop @ Stereolux Art & Research Center, Nantes, Fr (April 2019)

The Movement Analysis Network ‘movA‘ is a space for reflection about research in/about moving, gesture, bodies and culture, partnered by Zurich University of the Arts, IRCAM, Little Heart Movement, and Motion Bank. The members come from diverse backgrounds, that include art, science, design and scholarship about the body in action. Mainly focused on stage- and interaction-based movements for artistic and design development, the group discusses fundamental issues of knowledge production, methodology, and research strategy. As a think-tank rather than a research group, movA exists as a floating platform with varying participation, locations and working methods.


collaborative ai for sound design

Workshops @ IRCAM, Paris, Fr (Summer 2018)

The series of workshops introduced a deep reinforcement learning agent, called Co-Explorer, to professional creatives. The program consisted in two parts, first appropriate interaction with the agent to discover sounds in a synthesis space, then exploit various partnerships with the agent to create sounds that subjectively depict the atmosphere of given pictures. Participants ranged from sound designers, composers and musicians to visual artists, researchers, and teachers.


music-therapy-2sound control

Workshops @ Rowan Gate School, Wellingborough, UK (Spring 2016)

This action research project, led by Rebecca Fiebrink, explores new machine learning technologies and musical human digital interface devices to design new bespoke digital musical instruments that help children and young people with special needs and disabilities express themselves through music. We used the Grab-and-play software in several initial workshops, which finally led to the development of a standalone software now commonly used by the educational team.

other workshops

  • IRCAM Forum Workshops @ IRCAM, Paris, France, 2019
  • Human-Computer Collaboration in Embodied Interaction @ IRCAM, Paris, France, 2018
  • Skill Learning and Interactive Music Technology @ New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2017
  • Journées du Geste 2.0 @ Stereolux, Nantes, France, 2017



riding the co-explorers

Installation @ Cité Internationale Universitaire, Paris, Fr (September 2018)

This installation was conceived in collaboration with Bavo Van Kerrebroeck and Frédéric Bevilacqua for the ISMIR international conference, in 2018. It consisted in a minimalist, immersive space, inviting attendees to explore a sound space in collaboration with a Co-Explorer. One tablet allows one attendee to communicate feedback on sound generated by the agent, whose trajectory is traced in a 3D virtual space. The more attendees would give feedback on the sounds, the more the agent will learn how to behave sonically—the more trajectories will be traced in the virtual space.


studio 5, en direct

Open doors day @ IRCAM, Paris, Fr (March 2018)

The action consisted in introducing the ProXoMix collective interactive experience, developed by Victor Audouze, Benjamin Matuszewski, David Poirier-Quinot, and Norbert Schnell, in the context of an open doors day at IRCAM. Using smartphones and headphones, participants create together their own mix of a piece of music. The mix changes according to their proximity to the other players and each player’s movements. The Web Audio technologies used in this experience were developed during the CoSiMa project (Collaborative Situated Media) supported by the French national agency for research (ANR) and coordinated by IRCAM.


bbc radio 1 academy

Demo @ Exeter Phoenix, Exeter, UK (April 2016)

The action consisted in leading hands-on demonstrations of machine learning with schoolchildren, in collaboration with Rebecca Fiebrink and in the context of a week-long academy for creative careers organized by the BBC company. Both Grab-and-play and Wekinator software were presented to attendees, who built custom musical interfaces with various motion sensors including a webcam and a video game controller.




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