pendule sonore

The pendule sonore is a material dispositif that realises both a musical interface and a robotic sound object.

It exploits the natural affordances of the gravitational field to produce sounds from reused objects that freely swing over a percussive element. Spectromorphologies can either be controlled by means of performative gestures, or emerge autonomously from perpetual back and forth movements of swinging objects.

Objects can easily be added to, or removed from the pendule’s scrap wood frame to design its sound. The dispositif perpetually radiates sound from random impacts between objects and a piece of twine, set in rotation by an old computer’s fan and a small motor.

The pendule sonore was used in the composition and performance of Grapher 価河ぉ.


The project was developed in collaboration with Lutherie Urbaine, in the context of Anton Mobin workshop on autonomous objects & sonic caps.

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