{Lutheries}² is an educational exhibition on science and music designed in collaboration with Lutherie Urbaine.

The exhibition was designed to introduce people of all ages to the relationships between science and music, while interacting with music dispositifs made of reused and recycled materials. Illustrated, easy-to-follow panels were displayed along the interactive journey to elaborate on the joint technical and cultural dimensions of the music dispositifs. An educational kit accompanied the exhibition, suggesting collaborative music activities helping appropriation of all notions.

The visit tour consisted in seven areas. A first area (History) introduced the links between technique, science, and technology by recounting the evolution of lutheries. The following areas recounted this historical course through the discussion of several notions linking science with music (Harmony, Acoustics, Timbre, Electronics, and Digital Technology). The tour finally came out on an area dedicated to play (Rhythm).

The project was developed with Laurent Le Gall, Alain Guazzelli, and Kevin Kamdoum in collaboration with Lutherie Urbaine and the ISMM group of IRCAM.
Exhibition @ Château de l’Étang, Bagnolet, Fr (Jun-Aug.2018)

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