ciel = terre

ciel = terre is an online AI artwork exploring the myths and ethics of “creative” artificial intelligence.

In terre, the spectator is virtually put inside a cube, whose six faces successively display experimental music videos. Interactivity, often erected as an innovative feature of AI, is brought back to the material experience of traditional audiovisual media: staring at a movie screen, or listening to music in one’s own soundscape.

In ciel, the spectator is presented with an oval map, whose surface continually streams neural noise from audio and image deep learning models. The modern myth of unlimited mass production, fuelled by mainstream streaming platforms, is sublimed by the stardardization, anonymization, and automation of media creation enabled by AI.

Intimate audiovisual data, archived with my Blackberry camera between 2011 and 2018, served as material for composition in terre, as well as for training and generation in ciel. The power of AI to harm or sustain human creative cultures is = to the personal myths, dreams and beliefs of the living communities that engage with machine learning.


The project was partly developed in a residency at Le Cube, in collaboration with the collective.

Online installation (ciel) at NIME 2020
Art & Paper Tracks (terre) at SIIDS 2020

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