₀₁InTe₁₁₀, Grapher 価河ぉ, yug

₀₁InTe₁₁₀, Grapher 価河ぉ and yug are the pseudonyms under which I produce beats and experimental music with machine learning.

Under the alias ₀₁InTe₁₁₀, I currently produce abstract hip-hop beats that explore the raw sounds and haunting aesthetics spawned from neural audio synthesis. I also produce songs which I use as input material for various deep generative models, including AudioCLIP, VQGAN or RAVE. This results in collaborations with music designer erisan and post-internet music trio Daim™.

Under the alias Grapher 価河ぉ, I produced a computer music album that explores the notion of personal computer. I collided sound recordings extracted from personal archives with synthesized sounds and improvising AIs, using OMax and the Renoise digital audio workstation. The pendule sonore was part of both its composition and performance.

Under the alias yug, I self-produced four albums that trace my transitioning from popular music to experimental music. I progressively improvised composition, vocalized lyrics, and digitised acoustic instrumentation, including singing voice, guitar, drums, bass and synthesisers, to eventually come out with entangled materials. Performance included collaborations with singer-photographer Adèle Pécout and the Grab-and-Play machine learning software.


Performance @ Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, Fr (Apr. 2018)
Performance @ EAVI XVII, Goldsmiths University of London, London, UK (Apr. 2016)

SoundCloud (₀₁InTe₁₁₀)
Bandcamp (Grapher 価河ぉ)
Bandcamp (yug)
Website (yug)

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